Mycology Books

Mara Linaberger linaberg at OBERON.PPS.PGH.PA.US
Tue Sep 24 18:38:18 EST 1996

I once recieved a catalog of mycological books from:

Raymond M. Sutton Jr.
430 Main Street
Williamsburg, KY  40769
(606)549-3464 (day) or (606)549-2288 (evenings)
			(606)549-3464 (evenings)
FAX: (606)549-3469

The catalog had extensive listings of books out of print!  Good luck!

> Does anybody know where I can get a copy of Domsch et al. Compendium 
> of Soil Fungi, 1980. Academic Press.
> This has been harder than I would have guessed.  Any help would be 
> apppreciated.
>     ---- Mark
> 	MCSpear at

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