Shitake Mushrooms

Peter Oei poei at
Tue Apr 15 15:02:41 EST 1997

There is too much to tell in an e-mail message. Read one of the following 

Shiitake growers handbook by Przybylowicz and Donohue, or
Growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms by Paul Stamets or 
Mushroom cultivation, by P. Oei published by TOOLbooks, 
backhuys at

All books have received good reviews.

Succes, Peter Oei

witebear at (aLaSDy-25) wrote:
>How easy is it to grow Shitakes?  Does anyone have
>any experience with the Dank Nation Shitake growing 
>kits? Are they relatively reliable and easy? Any info
>would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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