Morel fruitings at Stamets farm

Stamets 1 stamets1 at
Sat Apr 26 13:24:06 EST 1997

About 20 nice sized morels are popping out of one of my burn-pile
inoculation sites. Seems like the best technique 

1. assemble a burn pile of paper and wood
2. let it soaking wet through the fall rains
3. Add ample amounts gallons of diesel in early winter and  ignite. 
4. inoculate with discarded contaminated bags of morel spawn unusable for
sale to customers
5. forget about it.
6. invite mycological societies to visit first
7. morels appear the day before the societies arrive. 

seems simple enough. this technique is recommended to all professors,
professional mycologists and others with the rigorous scientific training
necessary for success. this technique may be patentable!

paul stamets

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