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>The following article is from The Oregonian's FOODday, Feb. 23, 1999, p FD1
>Experts wild for Oregon mushrooms
>Hunters won't tell where they find elusive truffles that rival the best
>European types

Darn Right!!!

>By SIOBHAN LOUGHRAN, of The Oregonian staff

----great article snipped--------------------

>  As for truffles' alleged aphrodisiac qualities, you'll just have to try
>them to find out.
>- Siobhan Loughran

I feel that anything costing $100 a pound or more has a definate aphrodisiac
effect, even if never consumed:-{)

> Comment by poster: I'm not sure where Rex and Jack took Siobhan out for a
>day of truffling.

See article header (Dan you are welcome to join me anytime).
It is not so much where as when- 3rd week of Jan.

>But I have not found any truffles for some time.

I have not found any truffles for 3 weeks now but I have been ill for the
past two weeks or so.

>In fact, truffles have been so rare this year that the price is higher than
>quoted in the article.

It really was a bad winter season.

>Daniel B. Wheeler
>"I like to walk a mile in a man's shoes before criticizing him. That
>way, if he gets angry, I'm a mile away. And he's barefoot."

I have been hoping for a spring flush of L. carthusiana or T. spp. I found
some ripe spring whites the last time that I went out. The day before that I
found some L. carthusiana and the probably the last T. gibbosum of the
season (for me- unless I go to one late patch where I found 4 pounds this
time last year but it probably isn't worth the drive this year). I went to
several locations that produced well last year where I didn't even find one
truffle this season. I am not destroying the habitat. Truffles are like
other mushrooms, the productivity of patches varies from year to year due to
environmental conditions.

Several patches that produced well this time last year were harshly dug
before the first of the year this season. I poked around one patch ripped up
by one of the roving gangs of truffle thieves to get a feel as to the
number, size and quality of the truffles that were there. I found several
unripe L. carthusiana about the size of 50 cent pieces. The truffles were
scattered but the rest of patch was dug. The diggers must have been
desparate (or perhaps in a chemically altered state of mind) to have
expended the energy required to dig the 5 acre patch.

The truffle crop is so bad this season that I have been working on building
an Internet domain hosting service with one of my truffle digging partners.

Rex Swartzendruber

*** Two mushroomers were collecting in Alaska when they attracted the
attention of a grizzly. They took off running but one stopped to tie his
shoe strings. The other mushroomer said, "Why are you doing that? You will
never out run the bear."
The first one replied, "I don't have to, I just have to run faster than

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