heavy metal fungal growth

Rebecca Belling rebellin at vt.edu
Sat Mar 6 15:49:04 EST 1999


I'm doing my master's thesis on, among other things, the effects of copper
sulfate on ectomycorrhizal fungi.  There are a LOT of resources out there
documenting effects of copper on ECM.  If you would like a list of my
references, I'd be happy to send it to you!  Also, I don't have the email
address with me, but I will find it--you may want to contact Christine Gruhn.
She got her Ph.D in the lab where I work now, and she did her dissertation on
copper and fungi.

If you have more specific questions that I can help with, let me know...

Patrick McGonigal wrote:

> Please could someone help - I'm studying the effect of copper sulphate on
> fungal growth. It seems to inhibit it, presumably because of the Cu2+ ion
> acting as an irreversible enzyme inhibitor in the same way as mercury etc.
> Any information, or even just ideas, would be gratefully appreciated.
> Thanks, paddy_mcgonigal at hotmail.com

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