Mushroom Compost in Cultivation

Randy Mshr randymshr at
Tue Mar 23 11:48:37 EST 1999

1.  Has anyone heard of using material other than straw as the main carbon
souce for mushroom compost production (can bark be used?).

I heard a presentation involving the use of spent brewing grains which were
used to grow shiitakes. I don't know if that would work for Agaricus. Spent
grains are produced in abundance by breweries of all sizes and are often a
nuisance for brewers to get rid of. Farmers will often take them, but they're
not really good cow food. great for raising worms, though. 

It was by a Belgian gentleman who had been working out methods for use in third
world countries. If you want more information, call the Institute of Brewing
Studies in Boulder, 303-447-0816. They could put you in touch with him. I
believe he had a book as well. The presentation was at their 1997 conference in

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