Mon Mar 29 11:46:13 EST 1999

Jeff Williamson (jewillia at wrote:
: Ok.. I'll start it.  I'm in Durham NC and have been here one year now.
: Last April when I moved here I was so excited to hear that I hadn't
: missed the season and by mid month had found a few "spots"  Well, it
: feels (even if it doesn't look) like that time is here again.  It's been
: raining (I'm so excited about that) and warm during the day.  There's
: still not much ground covers up and I've not seen any Mandrake
: (Mayapple) at all yet.

Are you familiar with the Triangle Mushroom Club, I believe it is called?  

: Has anyone South of me seen any morels yet and where are you?

I've heard rumors that they are in TN.

Buddy K

Still waiting in VA.

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