Possible new truffle preservation method

"rwinder at pfc.forestry.ca" at VENUS.GOV.BC.CA "rwinder at pfc.forestry.ca" at VENUS.GOV.BC.CA
Fri Jan 7 12:52:01 EST 2000

truffler1635 at my-deja.com wrote:

> I just heard of a new way of _possibly_ preserving truffles, and thought
> I would pass it along.
> A customer in Texas has _frozen_ his truffles in extra virgin olive oil.

Maybe you don't even need oil, or freezing.  Has anyone tried using
hermetically sealed plastic packages with N gas inside?  I know
some products that are sensitive to oxidation and
loss of volatiles, such as hops sold to home brewers, can be
shipped in oxygen-free packaging, and they seem to hold up well
enough that they can sit on a u-brew store shelf for quite a while
with no deterioration.  -RSW

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