Greetings and MYA

Lester Pasarell lpasarel at
Mon Jan 10 12:15:56 EST 2000

Hi there, hope this works

Malt extract 20.0 gm
Agar 12 gm
Distilled water  400.0 ml
Boil & Autoclave for 15 minutes at 15 psi
shelf life 30 days in tes tubes, 14 days in Petri dishes (needed if you
work in a clinical lab (-: )

Medium can be acidified with HCL to a pH reaction of 3.7 if its to be
used for purifiying yeast cultures contaminated with bacteria

You can find this procedure and several others , and many descriptions
of fungi and in our web site at

Unfortunately the laboratory procedures are in pdf format, but I will
soon have them in plain text or in html format. The procedures used in a
medical mycology laboratory are no different that those used in
veterinary or in agricultural mycology

good luck


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