morel cloning

Eichelberger meichel at
Mon Jan 17 20:08:50 EST 2000

Each spring I have been trying to clone morels(both yellow & black
morels) on antibiotic malt extract agar prepared petri dish without any
success. I have taken tissue samples from the top & bottom part of the
stem, where the stem meets the cap, & also the top portion of the cap. I
have tried using the freshest, youngest morels I could find in the
spring & use them as soon as possible(usually the same day) but with no
luck, it just seems to lay there in the petri dish(which I store in a
dark place at approx. 65-70 degrees F) until it eventually spoils. I
have checked in some of the books I have such as "A Morel Hunter's
Companion", " The Mushroom Cultivator" & "Growing Gourmet & Medicinal
Mushrooms" & found very little pertaing to this specific subject. I have
cloned other types of mushrooms with a high rate of success but no luck
with the morels. Would someone be able to offer some advice on this,
such as what part of a morel is best for cloning or any other helpful
advice. Any response would be greatly appreciated. My email address is:

meichel at

Danny Eichelberger

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