Name - Species Listing Software is Available

Nathan Wilson velosa at
Thu Jan 20 16:26:26 EST 2000

This is to announce the first general release of the Taxy Name Management
Engine (Name).  Taxy is an open source project to create software for
identifying biological species in general, and mushrooms in particular.
You can find out more about Taxy at:

The primary goal of this subproject has been to implement a representation
of taxonomic names that is powerful enough to correctly describe the
relationships between names that result from the standard rules of
botantical naming.  This representation will provide the starting place
for all future Taxy development.

In order to provide something useful as well as abstractly statisfying
this goal, the representation has been used to create a species listing
program.  That is a program for recording the species that you collect
during a foray, fair or other mushroom related event.  This program is
called Name and is available for downloading at:

It currently only works under MacOS on PowerPC machines.  It also has a
long list of desired features that is included in the documentation.  The
included database is based on the list of names given in David Arora's
Mushrooms Demystified, but has been extended and corrected to the best of
my ability.  What this means is that any name listed in Arora will be in
the database, but it will be mapped to my best understanding of the
scientifically correct name.

As with any open source project this is not a finished work, but an
on-going work in progress.  In keeping with the open souce traditions I am
"releasing early".  I hope to be able to also "release often", and
sincerely hope that others will join in the development. 

I welcome any sort of feedback including bug reports, feature requests,
even recommendations on the priority of known issues.  Most welcome are
any name changes or additions, and software development energy.  If you
are motivated to put significant energy into either of the last two,
please contact me first so we coordinate your work so it can be easily
integrated with the existing project. 

   Nathan Wilson, velosa at

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