"Chicken of the woods"?

Bill Walker bhw at wam.umd.edu
Thu Jun 20 04:06:42 EST 2002

Mycos wrote:

> >They were
> >brown/yellow, gave a brown spore print, grew in a ring in the grass near
> >some small planted trees, and had gills broadly attached to the stipe -
> >the kind of gills where not all of them are attached to the stipe.

Is there a technical term for this type of gill morphology?

> Do *not* eat this mushroom. It isn't a Marasmius species. They have a
> white spore print.

I most certainly won't.  The goal this summer is to collect and identify in
order to gain familiarity and competence, both in hunting and
identification.  I'm not in a hurry to win a Darwin Award.  I prefer it when
things that I win aren't awarded posthumously.

The LBM's are certain to provide me with a rich educational experience.

Concerning spore color, I recently collected a variety of bracket and LBM's,
and after 2 days of sitting on black/white paper, they failed to deposit a
visible spore print.  Either they dumped all of their spores by the time I
got them home to print them, or they're tenaciously stuck to the shroom and
aren't coming off.  Should I try to store collected mushrooms upside down
until I get around to spore printing them, and how can I identify the spore
color on the samples that I have now?  Microscope?

Also, I have read (can't remember where) that some species of mushroom are
toxic enough where even the ingestion/inhalation of a few spores is enough
to have a toxic effect.  Is this true?  I'd like to know before bringing a
big Destroying Angel or Detah Cap home and spore printing it.



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