Fungi fd. 1 Sept. 2002 (OR)

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Tue Sep 3 04:16:30 EST 2002

Found or saw the following fungi today, 1 Sept. 2002:

Boletus chrysenteron
Boletus zelleri
Suillus luteus
Scleroderma sps (near cepa)
Scleroderma sps (near hypogaeum)
Fomes sps. (on Quercus palustra!)

The Boletus and Suillus were found under birch and oak in a
well-watered lawn of a local hospital.

The Fomes was found at the same location.

The two Scleroderma sps. were found near the fish ladders at
Bonneville Dam, again probably well watered areas. One of these was
found among the roots of an unidentified beech tree in an ornamental
planting. The other was found among roots of Lodgepole pine and
abundant mole or gopher activity.

The latter were rather aromatic, rapidly developing a strong and
permeating aroma. But the epigeous beech Scleroderma sps. had no
discernible odor at all.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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