Fungi fd. 7 Sept. 2002

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Sep 9 03:22:40 EST 2002

Found the following fungi today, 7 Sept. 2002, Multnomah County,

Bisporella citrina (plentiful, on Noble fir limbs)
Russula nigricans (2 specimens, both parasitized by other fungi)
Inocybe sororia
Leucogaster (rubescens?) (single specimen dug out by trail personnel
on Larch Mountain)
Cantharellus formosus
Gomphus flacossus
Ganoderma applanatum
Fomes annosum

It seems that the fungi are starting to fruit. Water is still
sporadic, falling on some sites and not others. But where it is
falling, the fungi are responding!

Cool temperatures indicate that matsutake may not be far off.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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