Fungi fd 8 Sept. 2002 (Boise, ID)

Robert L. Chehey cheheyr at
Fri Sep 27 04:59:50 EST 2002

Dan Wheeler wrote,
> Sounds like you got some rain, Robert. I don't see any truffles or
> false truffles listed, though. You should be near where Alexander H.
> Smith found many of the Rhizopogons he was often claimed to be the
> expert in.


You're right, McCall, ID  (Blue Mountains Biome bordering Northern Rocky
Mts. Biome) is where we have our forays.  Many hypogaeous species have a
type locality close by, especially Smith's Rhizopogons.  Our problem is that
we have no one in the club that is proficient in this group.

I'd love to have you, or one of your colleagues come to our Spring or fall
forays.  We don't have anyone who even knows how to look for them.  Sure, we
look for digging or 'humping'  in the duff, but usually get sidtracked by
something on the surface.  If you wanted to come over, you might stir up
some interest.

See you at Diamond Lake, I hope,

Robert L. Chehey
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Boise, ID, USA, USDA Zones 6a, 6b. Heat zone 7
Cold, Mediterranean Shrub-steppe
and deciduous riparian forest
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