Cryptic species?

Jorge1907 jorge1907 at aol.comcomm
Mon Aug 30 03:37:01 EST 2004

I'll discuss it with you but am not sure I understand the concept or see it's
It seems like a reduction of anamorph/teleomorph distinction.  
If you are thinking of the gross morphology of a basidiocarp, I think
speciation would be illegitimate.  To my thinking, that's the equivalent of
establishing species solely on colony morphology on an agar culture.

Even if you were considering microscopic as well as gross examination as the
basis for speciation, you'd really have to apply some of the current molecular
tools.  I'd expect some degree of analytical support for the species
differentiation and a search of GenBank. 

I realize alot of amateur mycophagists post here and might find appealing what
you are apparently offering.  As a classically trained mycologist and
microbiologist, I don't think it flies. 
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