[Mycology] Feb. 18th Truffle Forage @ Paul Bishop's

dwheeler at ipns.com dwheeler at ipns.com
Mon Feb 13 00:09:47 EST 2006

There is scheduled to be a joint Oregon Mycological Society/North
American Truffling Organization forage to Paul Bishop's Tree Farm next
Saturday, February 18th (10am-1pm?).

In preparation for which, today I went to Paul's to attempt finding the
wiley truffle.

I found...a few. It's hard work, and very few truffles, although
perhaps more will show up on Saturday. I will be attending, but will
probably just take pictures and maybe do a little truffling for my own
enjoyment. I have some friends, Norene and Dennis Wedam, former NATS
co-chairmen, who will also be attending with a couple of their young
friends. It would be nice to find at least some Tubers so they can take
some home with them.

At any rate, today found:

Tuber gibbosum (Oregon Gray truffle)
Hymenogaster sps.
Barssia oregonensis (immature yet)
a few button-stage mushrooms, still underground.

As an aside, my shiitake blocks purchased from the Oregon Mycological
Cultivation Group (thanks, Ed Foy!) are fruiting again. I just picked
another omelette's worth of fresh shiitake, and still have two
well-colonized blocks of Grifola frondosa awaiting another fruiting:
probably will not occur until the weather gets a lot warmer, or I move
them indoors.

Did anyone in the group go to the Truffle Festival in Eugene last
month? How did you like it?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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