[Mycology] introduction + mycorrhiza request

Frederick Depuydt via mycology%40net.bio.net (by fdepuydt from gmail.com)
Sun Nov 18 15:18:58 EST 2007

Hello all,

my name is Frederick and my background in mycology is slim to none. My
main devotion is culture of terrestrial orchids, I'm a
micro-electronics engineer as profession, and a couple fo years ago I
started an internet domain on the subject (terrorchid.org).

The amount of terrestrial orchids that are waiting to be brought into
culture is tremendous, but multiplication is one of the difficulties
in making them accessible among growers and hybridisers. Asymbiotic IV
recipees exist for a number of genera/species, but not for most of
them. Seeds become available only sporadically, so there's a limited
amount of experimenting one can do.

One thing we have noticed, however, is that symbiotic IV with
mycorrhiza has a higher germination success rate. This does not get
rid of all the problems, but there's more confidence in using fungal
cultures than a selfmade cocktail. Most of these seeds come from
species of which virtually nothing is known except a photo or single
publication. Mycorrhiza behave as 'black boxes' that get the job done
in most occasions.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to find identified or documented
mycorrhiza in controlled culture. This is why I'm posting this
message. We're looking for fungus banks that contain orchid
mycorrhiza, either isolated from known orchids or locations, or known
to help in orchid germination. Any help in pointing out such resources
would be very much appreciated.

In addition we've started to build a reference for orchid mycorrhiza:
It's a limited reference for the moment, but it has potential.

kind regards and thanks for your time,
Frederick Depuydt

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