[Mycology] Re: Help with a spore id

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Sat Apr 26 14:26:13 EST 2008


I'm not sure if my reply went through so I'll send it again.

This looks like it could be Pestalotia or named in another book as
Pestalotiopsis disseminata.

Try a Google image search with these two names and see if you come up
with a similar photo to yours.

I believe this is a Coelomycete.

Best wishes,
Pat Kammeyer
Lead, mycology
Loyola U. Medical Center
Maywood, Illinois

> different areas.  The student is good at ID'ng most of her sproes (she
> grown then on agar and then looks at the spores) but is running stuck
> on this one.
> Can someone help me with this one?  I am not a mycologists but I have
> taught Plant Morphology.  My wild guess is initial stages of a
> zygosporangium but there is not much of a zygosporangium if that is
> it.
> You can find her picture at:
> http://homepages.dordt.edu/~mahaffy/temp/Spore_ST.JPG
> Thanks.

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