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Almost certainly something from the old genus Lepiota. It's rather 
unusual regarding the scale or fibril distribution, but it's unusual 
habitat could easily account for that. As it is, L. procera or rachodes 
search will put you in the neighbourhood from which to make a more 
accurate ID.

Gary Williams

Prakash Peralam Yegneswaran wrote:
> Dear Boneev,
> You have posted excellent pictures of the mushroom. Based on the Morphology of Cap, the bulbous stipe; the fungi invariably is a member of Agaricales.  Observation on the cap colour and the rigidity of the stipe may need great attention since one may still need to differentiate it to either a edible or a non edible mushroom which can cause mycetismus.
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>> This mushroom has grown out of my dracena at home. Please
>> help me identifying
>> it. http://picasaweb.google.com/bonevvv/Mushroom1# 
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