First time contact

Wed Jul 24 11:04:23 EST 1991

AGE: 17 years

Place of birth: Cali, Colombia, SOUTH AMERICA

Ocupation; We have chosen "HEALTH" as our primary work area. We firmly believe
in Primary Health Care, Community participation and Health Institutional
development. We do applied research as means of obtaining development in
countries like ours.

Personality: We are a non-profit organization wch has grown thanks to
international and national funding.

Our multidisplinary team (aprox. 15) includes personnel and consultants from a
wide range of occupations.

At the time we have only one e-mail address which we all share, but if you
have a prticular message for a particular subject you can use the following
list to direct your mail:

Name		Area of interest		Position held

Ligia		PHC, Epid, Comm			Director
Marleny		HID, Epid, Comm			Technical sub-director
MaIsabel	Epid, PHC, Comm			Assoc. researcher
JaimeB		Comm, Epid, PHC			Assoc. researcher
MaFda		AI, Soft, HID			Informatic unit coordinator
Adriana		SciEd, EdMat			Publishing unit coordinator
Virginia	PHC				Asist. researcher
Conny		PHC, Comm			Asist.  researcher
William		PHC, Stat, Epid			Asist. researcher
Abelardo	HID, Comm			Asist. researcher
JaimeL		EdMat				Asist. researcher
GustavoR	Comm				Asist. researcher
Chavier		Comm				Asist. researcher
Nelcy		Comm				Asist. researcher
GustavodR	PHC, Comm			Consultant
Hugo		Design				Consultant

PHC = Primary health care, Epid = Epidemiology, Comm = Community
participation, HID = Health Institutional development, AI = Artificial
Intelligence, Soft = Software for Hospitals and health research centers, SciEd
= Scientific edition of articles, EdMat = Educational material, Stat =
Statistics, Design = Design of EdMat

INTENTIONS: We intend to receive information regarding not only news related
to our areas of interest, but also information regarding grants and funding we
so very  much need.

We also intend to create new discussion lists where we can validate our
particular type of research methods and results. BTW if you know of any group
that might interest us, thank you in advance.

either  				Phones
	Universidad del Valle
	Facultad de Salud    		(57) Country code
or					(23) Area
	AA 3708				Voice 564505/573278
                                        Fax 562575

P.S. If you have no idea of who to direct your mail to in CIMDER, just use

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