Nonintrusive Electrical Cortical Stimulation

James Fincannon sasp at venus.lerc.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 24 13:10:24 EST 1991

I've had to repost this message due to a mailer error.
In the Feb 91 IEEE Biomedical Engineering Transactions,
I found an article about the theoretical considerations
of inducing electrical fields in the cortex using
magnetic fields for stimulating the motor area.  
Apparently, this has already been experimently verified 
although the stimulation cannot be focused.  Still,
my question is how these induced stimuli permenently
affect the area.  Is there any memory of the electric
stimulation?  The health effects of these fields I
know about, but the memory mechanism with regard to
electric stimulation I am in the dark about.  I know that
direct electrical probes can stimulate memories, but
can the stimulations alter the memories.  E-mail 
responses are fine.  Thank you in advance.

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