inheritance of acquired characteristics or what?

Mike Levin mlevin at jade.tufts.edu
Wed May 1 10:47:06 EST 1991

   Does anyone remember (can give me a reference to) a paper that
described the following experiment: you take a bunch of mice, run them
through a maze, until they learn it, then take the stupidest mice,
breed them, and keep doing it over and over again, always selecting
for the stupidest mice. I think this particular experiment went on for
several years. Anyways, it originally started out as an experiment to
show inheritance of acquired characteristics, but what they found was
that even though they kept selecting for the stupidest mice, the
overall speed of maze running (the mice's intelligence, as measured
here) went singificantly *up* over the course of the experiment. Has
anyone read this paper? Any criticisms of it? Any ideas on what could
be going on in such a case, provided the study was well done?

Mike Levin

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