cmgg at sdepl.ucsd.edu cmgg at sdepl.ucsd.edu
Thu May 16 13:39:32 EST 1991


     We are setting up a lab in Spain and we need some information about
 companies selling amplifiers for DC/AC recording in humans but optionally
 they will be used also for recording EEG in animals.
     Do you Know any other company than Grass, preferiantially based in
Europe to avoid problem of international transfers of currency and to
avoid  intermediate companies, that could have this kind of equipment.
If you have this kind of information could you send us the address of
such companies.
We really would appreciate it.
cgomez at ucsd.edu.

Carlos Gomez                             Manuel Portavella
c/o S. A. Hillyard                       Laboratorio de Psicobiologia
Department of Neuroscience, 0608         Facultad Filosofia y C.E.
9500 Gilman Drive                        Avda. Fco. Javier s/n
La Jolla CA 92093                        Sevilla 41005
USA                                      SPAIN

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