Brain Imaging and Behavior Symposium

A.R. McIntosh ifav444 at ccwf.cc.utexas.edu
Wed May 29 21:02:01 EST 1991

An for an international symposium on brain imaging follows.  We are
interested in soliciting participants to present posters with special
emphasis on the following countries:

France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Iceland,
Luxembourg, and Norway.

For further info please send me email directly so as not to clutter
the news group.


          NATO Advanced Research Workshop 
      Advances in Metabolic Mapping Techniques for 
   Brain Imaging of Behavioral and Learning Functions
November 7-9, 1991, Austin, Texas
Organized by F. Gonzalez-Lima, T. Finkenstaedt, and H. Scheich.
Dedicated in Honor of Louis Sokoloff 
This workshop will bring together world neuroscientists who are
pioneering the use of metabolic mapping techniques to elucidate
brain mechanisms of animal learning and behavior.  The invited
speakers will review state-of-the-art applications of these methods
in behavioral neuroscience.  Aspects of autoradiographic and
histochemical methods, with emphasis on 2-deoxyglucose
techniques, will be considered.  The opening speech will be by A.I.
Leshner, Acting Director, NIMH.  Although oral presentations will
be limited to the invited speakers, original contributions using brain
mapping techniques are solicited for poster sessions in the following
behavioral themes:
Modulation of sensorimotor systems by experience and behavior
Arousal and emotional components of learning and behavior
Cerebral representation of associative learning and memory
Authors should submit a single page abstract clearly stating their
results by July 15, 1991 to the Workshop Director at the address
listed below.
To stimulate involvement, all attendees are asked to stay for the
entire 3-day period.  No registration fee will be charged but most
participants will be responsible for their expenses.  Since
attendance will be limited to 40, participants will be selected from
applications addressed to the Workshop Director.
                    Workshop Director:
                      Dr. F. Gonzalez-Lima, Associate Professor
                      Department of Psychology and Institute for Neuroscience
                      The University of Texas at Austin
                      Austin, Texas 78712  USA
                      TEL:  (512) 471-9228   FAX:  (512) 471-5873
                      EMAIL: ifav444 at ccwf.cc.utexas.edu
N.T. Adler
H.-J. Bischof
R.M. Cooper
D.P. Crews
C. Destrade
N.H. Diemer
T. Finkenstaedt
F. Gonzalez-Lima
C.L. Hand
B. Horwitz
J.L. McGaugh
A. Morimoto
J.N. Nobrega
C.A. Porro
H. Rahmann
P. Room
H. Scheich
F.R. Sharp
L. Sokoloff

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