Ok, how about 6 different neuron *classes*?

Mark W. Tilden mwtilden at watmath.waterloo.edu
Sat Apr 11 22:06:47 EST 1992

Well, following so many replies telling me what a wally I am for assuming
only 6 neurons, I guess I'd better clarify.  Sorry my question came off 
so naive, but I was after details as to if there are some general 
neuron classes which would map simply to cybernetic control levels 
in biological vertebrates.

As the classic electronic Neural-Net Neuron is a corruption of the 
small brain synapse, are there some other *general* classes of neuron 
whose *main functions* are things like centralized wiring, electrical 
signal collision arbitration, motor interface, sensation, and 
locomotion preprocessing?  And if so, does anybody know if these classes
have specific titles?

I've been working at building robotic forms of such devices and have 
had some success.  The purpose behind my post was to find out 
if there might be some biologic names for the classes of modified neurons 
I use in my artificial nervous systems.

You know, have I discovered something in one science that has 
a matching label in another?  Lends some validity, usually.

Oh, by the way, after a bit of digging, it seems the picture flashed 
during the aforementioned Neural-Net lecture was just a breakdown of 
6 types of human sensory neuron.  No panic. 

Is all.

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