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gt3228c Edwin R. Yeh gt3228c at prism.gatech.EDU
Mon Apr 6 16:48:41 EST 1992

What is the repolarization time of a neuron in the brain?

Repolarization time is defined here as the time 
AFTER firing of the neuron and BEFORE the neuron is
ready to fire AGAIN.

My guess is "it depends." But even then can you give
me an "average" or a "range" of values. I haven't been
able to find out any statistics on these yet. But I am
sure, I must have overlooked my resources. Any
idea will be appreciated. Our group is trying to model
a realistic brain. For now, we are just hoping to use 
this time as a constant in our program. But obviously,
we may need to learn more about this. Thanks.

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