Models of one neuron

Ian Bygrave mauah at warwick.ac.uk
Fri Apr 24 11:19:50 EST 1992

I assume that you want to be able to simulate a neuron in order to be able to
simulate (a small part of) a brain. Am I wrong?
How confident are you that a real neuron can be simulated sufficiently
accurately. In deed, how accurately do you think is sufficient? Neurons are
non-linear things, so a small change in the behaviour of the neuron would
result in a large change in the 'behaviour' of the network composed thereof.
Or would the 'quality' of the behaviour (although I have no idea how that
would be defined) not change significantly?
Is anything known about this?
I would like to believe that the behaviour of my brain is very robust wrt the
behaviour of individual neurons in it.

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