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taaustin at vaxb.acs.unt.edu taaustin at vaxb.acs.unt.edu
Sun Apr 19 13:43:12 EST 1992

Perhaps someone here can provide some much needed information:
A am in my second year of my PhD program, surviving on a teaching 
assistantship.  At the beginning of each new semester I go further 
in debt with the Student Loan program (and hope that it stays solvent).

Financial aid for graduate students appears to be almost non-existant.
I supplement my stint at school by playing "Charles-in-charge" for two
pre-teens for a semi-free rent situation.  This still leaves precious
little room for financial crisis and does nothing to aid in the HUGE
debt I am building for myself at the end fo grad school.
Does ANYONE know of any scholarship/grant/etc. programs for neuroscience
I am single, blue eyed, blonde haired and male so the few minority
scholarships available are also out of reach.  I am simply a bright, hard
working, active researcher who loves teaching and research.  I believe I can
make a valid contribution to the field and am in fact preparing two bodies of
data for publication as I type this message.  Is there any assistance for
a dedicated, destitute, non-minority, graduate student out there?!?
Thanks in advance!
Terry Austin
University of North Texas
Neuroscience Group
taaustin at vaxb.acs.unt.edu

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