measurement of intraocular pressure

P C Knox pck at castle.ed.ac.uk
Fri Apr 17 08:50:59 EST 1992

wetzel at bu-bio.bu.edu (Randy Wetzel) writes:

>Does anyone out there know of an inexpensive way to measure intraocular
>pressure?  (I am working with small turtles)  It is not necessary for me
>to know the exact pressure (mm Hg) - I just want to be able to monitor 
>any changes that occur during the experiment.

>Thank you in advance

>Randy Wetzel
>Boston University

	What about applanation tonometry, as used in clinical opthalmology?
Basically it involves pressing a flat plate against the cornea with a
standard pressure. If IOP is low the flattened area of the cornea will
be large and vice versa. Details in the textbooks (eg Basic Clinical
Opth. by Calbert Philips, Churchill Livingston).

Paul C Knox

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