What are the six different types of human neurons?

Rob Butera rbutera at pygmy.owlnet.rice.edu
Thu Apr 9 19:09:57 EST 1992

In article <1992Apr8.151118.4780 at watmath.waterloo.edu>, mwtilden at watmath.waterloo.edu (Mark W. Tilden) writes:
> During a recent neural-networks lecture, it was pointed out that
> comp-sci types only model one type of human neuron, where animal (human)
> bodys contain no less than six different types.

This is bogus.  I'd love to see answer ...

And what kind of neuron do com-sci types think their modeling, anyway?
Maybe their modeling a neural network, but even that is up for questioning.

My own experience is that the comp-sci "neural networks" are mass-parallel
type architectures, combined with feeback and weighting schemes.  This
could be "inspired" by a biological neural network, but that's about it.

Of course, everyone has their own definition of a neural network.  Try
putting a neuroscientist and an comp-sci AI person in the same room ...

> Just when I thought we were making progress in neural-nets, Ma Nature
> throws us a 6-sided multiplier.  Typical.

I believe its many orders larger than just 6-sided ....

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