Enquiring about perception, memory & nervous impulses

Zimmer Eric u1795 at JSP.UMontreal.CA
Tue Apr 7 21:51:22 EST 1992

Out of curiosity...
  What are the courses taken by nervous impulses,
  from the senses up to the higher area of the
  Do they inevitably the perceptual areas
  _before_ going anywhere or can they bypass
  the perceptual areas to access directly the rest
  of the cortex?
  Tell me if I am being silly. 
  I am trying to figure out(without any neurobio-
  logical knowledge whatsoever -- almost) what
  are the differences(& links) between perception,
  memory and, er... , "conciousness".
  If you can suggest me any book on the subject
  (one that can be understood by someone who took
  some biology courses years ago but doesn't 
  remember too well the technical bits), I'dd
  be gratfull.  I'dd also be thankfull to anyone
  who has the time to answer me back.
  (I'dd prefer you'dd reply to mortel at chose.cam.org
   if you can and happened to catch a glimpse of this note)
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