maldonado pedro at mulab.physiol.upenn.edu
Thu Apr 2 13:36:11 EST 1992

	The oscillation story is an idea that arise in the last 6 years
as a way to explain the "binding problem". The brain do not have an
ultimate place were it "proccess" all the "information" that receives. One
way to correlate activity of different sensory inputs and "make sense"
out of it, was to have the cortex oscillating and the different inputs
"entrain" in this rythmic activity, in such way that input "in fase" become
coherent input. There was a lot of exitement about the 40 KHz that
Singer et al found in visual cortex in cats. Unfortunately, similar
oscillation are not found in primates, so seems unique to cats. On the
other hand, in rat cortex there are similar oscillatory features,
although the frequency of smaller (7 KHz). I can elaborate more if you
want so.

Pedro Maldonado
PENN, Philadelphia
pedro at mulab.physiol.upenn.edu

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