Wanted : Refs Singer, 40 Hz

P C Knox pck at castle.ed.ac.uk
Thu Apr 2 04:29:18 EST 1992

ernir at rhi.hi.is (Ernir Sverrisson) writes:

>I am looking for references to papers by Singer and coworkers,
>on the detection of a 40 Hz oscillation in mammal brains.

>I am also looking for information in general about the existence
>of a 40 Hz oscillation in the brain.

>Thanks in advance.

Try Engel et al (1991) Proc. Nat. Accad. Sci. USA 88(14), 6048-6052. I
don't have a copy myself, but I think that should set you on the right
Incidentally, anyone got any ideas about this oscillation story. I find
the picture a bit confused, or at least confusing.

Paul Knox.

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