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Bart-Man cg108fca at icogsci5.ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 1 18:37:59 EST 1992


I am an undergrad. attending UCSD in both the depts. of Cognitive Science
and Psychology.  I am becoming very interested in attending graduate 
school and am trying to compile as much information as possible about 
various schools around the country.  Although I can aquire the catalogs and
other forms.... first hand information from actual professors and faculty 
members is also most valuble to me.

I am just looking for some info about your school and what you think of it,
and maybe set up something for further correspondance.

About myself:
	I am primarily interested in what would be called the bio-psychology
field of study (i.e. neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, exper. psych, etc..)
My g.p.a. is not outstanding, but I have (and will continue to) lot of good
research experience in a neuro lab.  I consider myself to be a real go-getter!

Any comments would be appreciated.

thank you for your time.


Brent Kronenberg                          e-mail:  cg108fca at icogsci1.ucsd.edu

University of California, San Diego       Depts. of:  Cognitive Science &
						      Physiological Psychology
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