Epilepsy models in functioning networks

Rogene Eichler [mf12801] eichler at s21.msi.umn.edu
Wed Apr 1 16:28:45 EST 1992

>	There's been some talk on the net lately about software modeling of 
>epilepsy. I was wondering if anyone is, or knows of anyone, working on what 
>sort of effects epileptic seizures have on the normal function of a system. 
>I've read a fair amount of the medical/biological data on this, but haven't 
>really heard of any modelling stuff, and it'd be real nice for my thesis.
>							-Ben Waggoner
>							 Hampshire College

I just ran across this today: 

	Weaver, D.F., K.E.Edgecombe, V.H.Smith, and M.N. Anderson. "Appli-
cations of Large-Scale Computational Techniques to the Quantum Pharmacologic
Design of Drugs for the Treatment of Epilepsy". From the book: Scientific
Excellence in Supercomputing. The IBM 1990 Contest Prize Papers. Baldwin 
Press: 1992.

All four people are at Queen's University at Kingston, Kingston, Ontario,
Canada, K7L3N6.



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