motoneurone/muscle models in GENESIS wanted

Mitchell Maltenfort mitchm at casbah.acns.nwu.edu
Thu Aug 6 15:55:47 EST 1992

	Recentt prolonged exposure to the simulation program GENESIS has
gotten me interested in a couple of applications.  My lab is primarily
interested in spasticity, with research going on in the stretch reflex, motor
unit recruitment, and muscle modelling.  Since I'm still at the shallow end of
the learning curve on this !#!&# (excuse my French) program, could someone out
there who's done this sort of work with GENESIS save me some stomach acid by
sending me some tips or how-tos?  Thanks.  If your help makes it possible for
me to come up with something publishable, you will be acknowledged.

Mitchell Maltenfort	Northwestern Unversity	Chicago, Illinois

Internet: mgm at nwu.edu		Bitnet:mitchm at nuacvm.acns.nwu.edu

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