Internships or research possibilities for summer '93?

Loren Frank frank at i6.msi.umn.edu
Sun Aug 9 14:51:26 EST 1992

Hi folks. I am going to be a junior at Carleton College this fall, and I
am looking for a research internship in the some area of cognitive science
for next summer. I am majoring in psychology with a concentration in 
cognitive studies (my school's equivalent of a minor) and for the past two
summers I have worked at the Minnesota Supercompter Institute. Last summer I
worked with a group training a neural network to predict protein structure
from amino acid sequence and this summer I have been working on making an 
aminated film of data output from a simulated neuron. 
	Anyhow, I would be interested in doing almost any kind of cognitive
science research, although I must admit that I have lately become very 
interested in cognitive neuroscience. So, if any of you are interested in
the possibility of having an undergrad work for you next summer, know
someone who would be interested, or know of programs I could apply to, I would
very much appreciate your mailing me.



frank at i1.msi.umn.edu
frank at s1.arc.umn.edu
frank at mathcs.carleton.edu

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