NEURON user's group.

nangarvaram Sekar nsekar at news.weeg.uiowa.edu
Sat Aug 8 09:10:39 EST 1992


We are planning to have a NEURON users group.

Dr. Michael Hines has agreed to have a NEURON users group.
News and articles of general interest to NEURON users,queries and
articles related to NEURON are acceptable. All such articles
will be mailed to users once in fortnight / month. We can have a 
usenet news group in the future, if there is sufficient interest in
one such news group. 

To post a message on the mailing-list mail it to  nrn_user at neuro.cs.gmr.com
Your posting will not be edited,but if it's not of general
interest to NEURON users, it will not be included.

Address all requests for inclusion in the mailing list to
nrn_req at neuro.cs.gmr.com with subject "add me".

Unlike usenet news which operates on low-cost low-band width
communication, NEURONnet operates by direct personal mail. So, USE 
the facilities wisely and avoid filling people's mail boxes with
junk mail.

When you reply to a query/message posted to the NEURONnet, make sure
that your reply goes only to the sender and not to the entire NEURONnet
(unless you really want the response to go to the entire NEURONnet).
With the standard Berkeley Unix sendmail program, this achieved by
using the 'R' command instead of the 'r' command.
Your email address
Please make sure that the electronic address you give us is easily
reachable from the rest of the world.  If you have several accounts,
use the one that is most public.  For instance, do not use the address
of your personal workstation, but use the address of your primary
mainframe or gateway.  If you are on uucp, use an address that is on
the uucp map, and not a private machine that is inaccessible from
anywhere but your own organization.  It is also your responsibility to
update your address (by mailing to nrn_req) when your account/address
changes or expires.  This applies especially to student accounts which
get deleted at the end of semester.
If there are persistent problems with your email address, you will be
deleted from NEURONnet.  So, if you do not receive any NEURONnet mail
for several months, please check with us regarding your email address.
We can have several local redistribution sites for NEURONnet.  
We would appreciate your help in establishing more redistribution sites 
to reduce the load for the administrator and our mail machine. 
If you are in the vicinity of these sites, please contact the person in 
charge of the local redistribution to have your email address there, 
and delete your address from the central list by letting us know. 

We would also appreciate your help in establishing more ftp sites 
for sharing NEURONdata.

The complete list of users will be posted in NEURONnet periodically and
you will receive a copy of it.


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