Looking for a post-doc or RA position in neuroscience

Yulin Qin yq01+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun Aug 16 19:30:20 EST 1992

           Looking for a post-doc or RA position in neuroscience

	I am a graduate student in the department of psychology at Carnegie
Mellon University, with Herbert A. Simon as my advisor, and will get a
Ph.D. soon.

	The research I have done focuses on higher level cognition, which leads
to my desire to understand how cognition may actually be physically
implemented in the human brain. I am very eager to engage in
neuroscience research and gain experience in this field. Thus, salary
and other benefits are of secondary concern to me. What I primarily want
is a chance to learn and work in the area of  neuroscience after I
graduate from CMU. If I cannot be a post-doctoral fellow, I would like
to be a research assistant or something like that. 

	My publications, with my advisor and professor Tom Mitchell (computer
science, CMU), are related to the following areas:
	1) Scientific discovery (Cognitive Science (1990). 14, 281-308.);
	2) Human and machine learning (Proceedings of the Fifth Florida
Artificial     Intelligence Research 		Symposium (1992). 235-239);
	3) Mental imagery and problem solving (Proceedings of the Twelfth
Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (1990). 646-653; 
Working Notes of AAAI Spring Symposium on Reasoning with Diagrammatic
Representations (1992). 18-23; Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual
Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (1992). 1050 - 1055).

	I have a Master's degree in computer science (Artificial Intelligence
and Statistical Pattern Recognition), and have a strong training and
five years experience in applied statistics (e.g., experiment design and

	Detailed resume and sample publications will be be sent to anyone who
are interested in my application. Suggestions for where I may be able to
find a position in neuroscience are very much appreciated.

Yulin Qin  (Mr.)
Department of Psychology
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone (412)268-6284
E-mail: qin at psy.cmu.edu

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