Lucifer Yellow filled electrode

Scott Buckley theron at edu.reed
Sun Aug 2 17:38:00 EST 1992

David Parsons writes:

>> It's been a while, but I might be able to offer
>> suggestions.  But please givee more information...

[Followed by questions about animal, cell type, electrode tip
size, and method of injection and injection pressure (if pumps
are used)]

I would second David's comment and add that if pressure is
not used for injection, it would be helpful to know how much
current is used, the pulse rate, duty cycle, overall duration,

By the way, I tried sending mail to the address in Baoqing's
signature, but it bounced.  (If someone else gives good
comprehensive suggestions, be sure to summarize here.  Filling
cells is an art, that's for sure!)

Good luck!

theron at reed.edu

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