Need help Quenching autoflouresence in Nudibranch brain

James Olds olds at helix.nih.gov
Thu Feb 13 14:12:19 EST 1992

Hello Netters....
We are currently engaged in some confocal studies using the
isolated nervous system of a marine nudibranch. Our flourophore
is BODIPY and we are using the 488 argon laser line of the
Biorad Confocal microscope. Our big problem concerns the
natural autoflouresence of the prep. We would like to find a way
to minimize this problem (either chemically, or with light). I would
really appreciate any advice that anyone could give to me...esepecially
from other investigators who have worked with marine organisms
using flouresence microscopy.
Thanks in advance for all help.
Please e-mail to me and I will summarize.
* James L. Olds Ph.D.                 Neural Systems Section               *
* domain: olds at helix.nih.gov           NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, MD. 20892 USA *

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