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>I would appreciate any help on the subject of NEURAL PROSTHESES. 
>I wish to write my dissertation on the design problems involved with
>sensory and/or motor prosthesis. Any suggested papers, books, people to
>contact et c. gratefully received and replied to. 

Agnew, William F. & Douglas B. McCreery (Eds).  Neural Prostheses: 
  Fundamental Studies.  Englewood Cliffs, NJ.  1990.  
  ISBN 0-13-615444-1.

Girvin, John P.  Current status of artifical vision by electrocortical
  stimulation.  Can J Neurol Sci 15:58-62.  1988.

Loeb, Gerald E.  Neural prosthetic interfaces with the nervous system.
  TINS 12(5)195-201.  1989.

Veraart, C.  Neurophysiological approach to the design of visual prostheses:
  a theoretical discussion.  J Med Eng & Tech 13(1/2):57-62.  1989.

Search literature for work by G S Brindley (retired) & D N Rushton
MRC Neurological Prostheses Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, London.
Also search for work by W H Dobelle (was at U Utah -- now running a 
neuroprostheses company -- "The Dobelle Institute" for Avery Labs).
Brindley did much of the fundamental work on visual prostheses --
and Dobelle did much of the fundamental work on auditory prostheses.

I spoke with Brindley about two years ago -- he rightly pointed out
one of the main problems with design of sensory prostheses using any
form of visual stimulation was the immense cost and long duration of
the necessary research work -- he managed to study three patients w/
chronicly implanted visual cortex stimulator arrays in his career.

AJ Annala

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