Looking for parameters for MacGregor neuron model

Mitchell Maltenfort mitchm at casbah.acns.nwu.edu
Wed Feb 12 15:34:48 EST 1992

	I'm planning on doing some simulations of spinal cord circuitry using
the MacGregor point neuron model. Since I want to make the simulations as
realistic as possible, I'm playing around with a single neuron model and
trying to optimize the parameters (accomodation, time constants, and peak
potassium conductance, and passive conductance ) so that my model will imitate
alpha motoneurones of varying sizes.  

	Since this work is time-consuming and aggravating, I'm posting to see
if someone out there who has worked with the MacGregor model can save me some
teeth-gnashing.  All I can offer (beyond my undying gratitude) is a nice
little Mac application (with source code) for looking at model neurons,
slightly adapted from MacGregor's code in Neural and Brain Modeling.  If
anyone's interested in the program (even if you can't help me), feel free to

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