Dr.Charles Gilbert's email address?

Tristan Davies tbd at neuro.duke.edu
Thu Feb 6 10:04:11 EST 1992

In article <UdXIlai00WBMQ1b1QA at andrew.cmu.edu> qw0w+ at andrew.cmu.edu (Quanfeng Wu) writes:
-->Does anybody here know the email address and/or the phone number of Dr.
-->Charles Giblert at the Rockfeller University? If so, please help me!
-->Thanks in advance!
-->--Quanfeng Wu

This is only my opinion, but I  think it's not appropriate to get an e-mail
address, and especially a phone number, this way.  To get his phone number
you can use the regular channels--call information at 411.  The most
polite way of getting in contact with someone you don't know is to write
a letter; Gilbert's mailing address should be on any of his articles.

Like I said, only my opinion.

Tristan Davies

e-mail: tbd at neuro.duke.edu
Department of Neurobiology, Duke University Medical Center

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