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Sean Marrett sean at petvax.mni.mcgill.ca
Fri Feb 7 09:51:09 EST 1992


	We are interested in collecting information, advice and
experience from people who might information regarding the
accessibility of different litterature databases from the InterNet. I
know that there is a company called Biotechnet, which can give access
to another service known as "The PaperChase", which has some sort of
agreement with the Society for Neuroscience. But it seems unlikely to
me that this is the only alternative. So, if anyone knows about such
systems, specifically anything that might allow (preumably fee-for
service) access to either MedLine or the SCI index, can you please
send me e-mail. I'm especially interested in any personal experience
or advice, but just names, address and contacts at the different
organisations might be appreciated. I was not able to locate a FAQ
list for this group, and I would be happy to post an edited summary of
answers to this query, if there is enough interest.

	Please send any responses to me at the E-mail address below.

	Thanks once again

	Sean Marrett
	Positron Imaging Labs
	Montreal Neurological Institute
	email: sean at petvax.medcor.mcgill.ca
	tel: (514)-398-1996,1537
	fax: (514)-398-8948

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