Neuropsychology of Feature Integration.

Tue Feb 4 13:27:45 EST 1992

   Are there any Neuropsychologists or other Clinical/Neural/Medical
   people out there who have experience with defects in feature
   integration (a la Treisman and others)?  This would entail
   difficulties in detecting a particualar shape of a particualar
   color from among distractors having the same shape or color.
   The subject might also show a high degree of
   "illusionary conjuctions," that is, seeing the target in the
   distractors when none exists.

   Having these symptoms, I would like to know the location of any
   leisons in the brain.

   I have only been able to locate one journal article on this subject.
   It was a case study of a parietal lobe injury patient that showed
   a high number of illusionary conjuctions.  If anyone knows of more
   published information on this subject please respond also.

   Also, if anyone is aware of PET studies on Feature integration
   (they will probably be in progress or in press) please let me

   You can post any response or mail them to me at Psyanag at BYUVM.Bitnet.
   If I get a number of responses I'll summerize later.

   Thanks in advance,


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