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In article <t3gcbb1m at cck.cov.ac.uk> ccx062 at cck.cov.ac.uk (Chris) writes:

   My fiancee is doing a project on neural nets for her final year BSC Hons,
   and would like as much information as possible for her final write-up.

   If anyone has documents/book titles/official papers etc etc
   could they mail me them, or give me an ftp address where I could grab
   them ??  or even give me book titles that she could order....

In addition to the USENET group comp.ai.neural-nets (which certainly has
a *lot* of traffic), there is a moderated mailing list "Neuron Digest"
which contains a bit of appropriate information. Much of Neuron Digest is
fairly high-level and technical but occaisionally there are surveys for
"beginners." Back issues for the past five years can be found via
anonymous ftp on cattell.psych.upenn.edu in pub/Neuron-Digest/*. If you 
have questions about Neuron Digest or want to subscribe, send a note to
neuron-request at cattell.psych.upenn.edu. The moderator (me) is especially
interested in biologically plausible models and the neuroscience end of
neural net modeling.

	Peter "N-D Moderator" Marvit

: Peter Marvit <marvit at cattell.psych.upenn.edu>
: Psychology Dept.,  University of Pennsylvania

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