Stephen Agneta steve3 at genesis.nred.ma.us
Fri Jan 17 07:16:44 EST 1992

I need some help selecting some books on NN's and Genetic Algorithms.

The following books look interesting ,however I am wondering if anybody
has any comments on them. Any help is appreciated.

The books are:

Foundations of Genetic Algorithms
Edited by Gregory J.E. Rawlins

Mathematical Foundations of Learning Machines
Nils J. Nilsson

Advances in Neural INformation Processing Systems, Volumes 1-4
Edited by John E. Moody, Steven J. Hanson, Richard P. Lippmann
A collection of papers from the IEEE conferences which I understand are
pretty good.

ANy help is appreciated. The above are expensive and I would want feed back
before purchasing. Btw, YES I did check the FAQ. The above books were not

Thanks in advance
Steve Agneta
Theta Systems Inc.
WOburn, Ma

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