MIND (Neural Nets - Optimality) Conference in Dallas Feb 6-8

Stephen Tice B645ZAW at UTARLG.UTA.EDU
Thu Jan 23 14:41:00 EST 1992

note: Schedule follows registration form.




		          FEBRUARY 6 TO 8, 1992,

	Sponsored by Metroplex Institute for Neural Dynamics (MIND), 
		Texas SIG of International Neural Network
	Society (INNS), and the University of Texas at Dallas

Name   _______________________________________________________
       LAST                  FIRST                MIDDLE 

Mailing Address  ________________________________________________



Affiliation      ________________________________________________

Telephone Number ____________________

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                       Registration fee (please enclose check payable to MIND):

Non-student members of MIND or INNS,                  $70            _______
         or UTD faculty or staff

Other non-students                                    $80            _______

Student members of MIND or INNS,                      $10            _______
         or UTD students

Other students                                        $20            _______

Presenters (oral or poster) from outside
         Dallas-Ft. Worth                             FREE           _______
                            (Note: Registration does not include meals)


Please check if you need a reservation card                          ______
         (Rooms at the Richardson Hilton are $59 a night)
Please check if you wish to share a room                             ______

Reduced fares are available to Dallas-Fort Worth on American Airlines.
  Call the airline and ask for StarFile S14227D, under the name of MIND.

Preregistrants whose forms and payment checks are received by January 31 will
be mailed a preregistration package with a confirmation.  This will include
a complete schedule with times of presentations and directions to the hotel
and conference site.

Please send this form to:

         Professor Daniel S. Levine
         Department of Mathematics
         Box 19408
         University of Texas at Arlington
         Arlington, TX 76019-0408
         Office: 817-273-3598; FAX: 817-794-5802;
                   e-mail b344dsl at utarlg.uta.edu

TENTATIVE schedule for Optimality Conference, UT Dallas, Feb. 6-8, 1992


Thursday, Feb. 6, AM:

Daniel Levine, U. of Texas, Arlington -- Don't Just Stand There,
	Optimize Something!
Samuel Leven, Radford U. -- Man as Machine?  Conflicting Optima, Dynamic Goals, 
	and Hope
Wesley Elsberry, Battelle Research Labs -- Putting Optimality in its Place:
	Argument on Context, Systems, and Neural Networks
Graham Tattersall, U. of East Anglia -- Optimal Generalisation in
	Artificial Neural Networks 

Thursday, Feb. 6, PM:

Steven Hampson, U. of Cal., Irvine -- Problem Solving in a Connectionist
	World Model
Richard Golden, U. of Texas, Dallas -- Identifying a Neural Network's
	Computational Goals: a Statistical Optimization Perspective
Harold Szu, Naval Surface Warfare Center -- Why Do We Study Neural Network
	Formations on VLSI Chips and Why Are Wavelets More Natural for
	Brain-Style Computing?
Arun Jagota, SUNY at Buffalo -- Efficient Optimizing Dynamics in a
	Hopfield-style network

Friday, Feb. 7, AM:

Gershom Rosenstein, Hebrew U. -- For What are Brains Striving?
Gail Carpenter, Boston U. -- Fuzzy ARTMAP: Adaptive Resonance for
	Supervised Learning
Stephen Grossberg, Boston U. -- Vector Associative Maps: Self-Organizing
	Neural Networks for Error-based Learning, Spatial Orientation,
	and Sensory-Motor Control
Haluk Ogmen, U. of Houston -- Self-Organization via Active Exploration
	in Robotics

Friday, Feb. 7, PM:

David Stork, Ricoh California Research Center -- Non-optimality in
	Neurobiological Systems
Ian Parberry, U. of North Texas -- Neural Networks and Computational Complexity
David Chance, Central Oklahoma U. -- Real-time Neuronal Models Compared Within
	a Classical Conditioning Framework
Samy Bengio, Universite de Montreal -- On the Optimization of a Synaptic
	Learning Rule

Saturday, Feb. 8, AM:

Karl Pribram, Radford U. -- The Least Action Principle: Does it Apply to
	Cognitive Processes?
Paul Prueitt, Georgetown U. -- Control Hierarchies and the Return to Homeostasis
Herve Abdi, U. of Texas, Dallas -- Generalization of the Linear Auto-Associator
Sylvia Candelaria de Ram, New Mexico State U. -- Interactive Sub-systems of
	Natural Language and the Treatment of Specialized Function

Saturday, Feb. 8, PM:

Panel discussion on the basic themes of the conference


Basari Bhaumik, Indian Inst. of Technology, New Delhi -- A Multilayer Network
	for Determining Subjective Contours
John Johnson, U. of Mississippi -- The Genetic Adaptive Neural Network Training
	Algorithm for Generic Feedforward Artificial Neural Systems
Subhash Kak, Louisiana State U. -- State Generators and Complex Neural Memories
Brian Telfer, Naval Surface Warfare Center -- Moving Beyond LMS Energy for
	Natural Classifiers

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